Thursday, 23 June 2011

Am I Living In a Disney Movie??

What a strange spring/early summer it's been so far. I have had more experiences with wildlife in the past 3 weeks than I have had in a very long time.

First was Mikey. He was a little red squirrel with very bad luck.

I had just come back from a morning of yard saleing with my mom. I was parked under our tree, where I usually park the van, showing off all my amazing finds from the morning.

We were all standing around the van, everyone was ooohing and ahhhhing over all the wonderful goodies I had aquired when we heard a rustling sound and a thud. I looked over to the front of the van, and lo and behold there was a little baby squirrel who had fallen out of the tree! A few days earlier, our springer spaniel Charlie had brought us what we assume was mama squirrel as a gift on our back step. So, we figure that the babies, who really were too young to be out of the nest, were hungry and looking for food which is what brought them out.

So, we grabbed a net and caught little Mikey, just to make sure that he was ok and not hurt anywhere. Other than a little bit of blood on his nose, he seemed fine, so we let him go.

A few minutes later, our son went over to check on the baby robins who were in a nest in our front yard. He lowered the branch when suddenly both babies flew out and landed on his face! We have 4 hunter cats, so my son and I spent the next half hour or so trying to catch these babies and get them back in their nest. It was tough, but we were finally successful.

Baby birds rescued, I returned to my goodies. I had purchased a gorgeous new hosta from a plant sale, and was happily digging in my garden when suddenly I hear a rustling sound coming from the tree, a thud then a soft chuck-chuck-chuck sound.

I hurry over to our back walkway and guess who I see, laying on his side looking hurt. You guessed it, little Mikey. Now I know that he's at least stunned, so I pick him up, put him in my skirt and to my amazement, he fell asleep!! I spent the next hour with a little baby squirrel curled up in my skirt, sleeping. I couldn't believe it!!!

Is that not, seriously, the cutest thing you've ever seen??

Moving on to last Friday. It's been a couple of weeks since anything animal or wildlife related has happened.

I had just returned from grocery shopping. It was later at night, because I had been babysitting all day. I head out to the garage where hubby is working on the truck. We're talking away when we hear a cat meowing. Thinking it's my tom cat, Tom, I start talking to him.

As I'm talking, out walks not Tom, but a little, long haired grey female kitten! She is so sweet and loveable and half starved. So, I get her some food and water and go to bed. It's been almost a week and she's still around. If she stays much longer, hubby might even let her in the house!

This past Monday, I was out in my garden digging up some soil to repot some houseplants. I'm in the back corner where it's well shaded and won't grow any veggies because of a gorgeous tree that Ontario Hydro will be cutting down this summer. I'm bent over digging away when I hear a rustling sound, a ting from something hitting the fence, then a soft thud. Right at my feet, literally at my feet, is a baby oriele that is taking it's first flight. Seriously, just sitting at my feet. I was just in the process of saying how gorgeous it was when, thankfully, it took off and flew over the shed.

Last, at least for now, yesterday I found a very large, very ornery snapping turtle in my garden. Somehow, he had managed to get himself trapped inside the fence and couldn't find his way out. After about 15 minutes of me armed with a large stick and a rough tote, I managed to get him into the tote and released him near the swamp at the edge of our property.

So far, that is all my Disney movie-esque adventures. I wonder what next week will bring?

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