Monday, 13 June 2011

Coupon Policies For Popular Canadian Stores

Whether you are new to couponing or a bit of an old hand at it, one thing you absolutely must know is each store's coupon policy. There is nothing worse that getting to the cash and finding out you can't use those precious coupons that you brought with you.

Another issue that a lot of people run into are cashiers who don't know or haven't been trained in, their companies policy.

I highly suggest that you download and print off each of these files, then put them into your binder. They will help you and the cashiers when there is confusion over a policy. You can educate yourself on each store, and if there is an issue, you have proof with you that you're following correct procedures.

Here is a list of the policies I have on hand so far. Like I said, print these off and take them with you whenever you go shopping. These are like gold! :)

Canadian Tire Coupon Policy - pdf file
Loblaws Coupon Policy - pdf file
London Drugs Coupon Policy - pdf file
Safeway Coupon Policy - pdf file
Save on Foods Stacking Policy - pdf file
Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Policy - pdf file 
Walmart Coupon Policy - pdf file
Zellers Coupon Policy - pdf file

Good luck with your grocery shopping and couponing! With these in your possession you will always know exactly what you're doing wherever you're shopping.

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