Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Fun Day Today and Getting Ready for Next Week

Today is going to be a great, fun day, and all free too!

A small town that is less than 5 minutes away is celebrating their 175th anniversary today and on August 9, I believe. (I'll have to check the other date, just to be sure. )

Today they are offering guided tours of the local church, Catholic School (which my son attends) and other points of interest. There will be an outside settlers display at the school, and at a local lake there will be classic 1920's picnic games, music, etc.

It's something we've been looking forward to for a few months now and it's definitely going to be a great time.

Ok, so on to planning for next week. I mentioned to you all that I was going to be doing a 52 weeks of organizing challenge. I have most of my list made up, and tomorrow I will be posting a before photo of the area I will be working on next week.

In case you're interested, here is the site that is hosting the event. I'm not doing mine along with them, but the idea definitely came from there. :)

So, just for fun, here is my list so far.

  1. desk in den
  2. top of piano
  3. bookshelf in den
  4. shelves in den
  5. computer desk
  6. top of entertainment centre
  7. pantry
  8. phone table
  9. kitchen junk drawer #1
  10. kitchen junk drawer #2
  11. kitchen junk drawer #3
  12. kitchen junk drawer #4
  13. bathroom closet
  14. linen closet
  15. closet under stairs
  16. ds's closet
  17. coat closet
  18. vanity in downstairs bathroom
  19. cupboard over washing machine
  20. kitchen cupboards left
  21. kitchen cupboards right
  22. recipe drawer
  23. tupperware drawer
  24. cat food stand
  25. master bedroom closet
  26. my dresser
  27. ds's dresser
  28. cupboard under sink
  29. cupboard over pantry
  30. cupboard over stove
  31. dresser in master bedroom #2
  32. recycle shelf
  33. curio cabinet in kitchen
That's all I have for now. But, like I said before, I'm pretty sure that by the time I finish what I have so far, I'll be needing to get back to the first things on the list. :) I'm hoping not. I hope that I'll be able to keep things clean and organized, make new habits, that sort of thing. But as much as I am a very positive person, I'm also a bit of a realist.

If there is anyone out there who wants to join me, I'd love to have some company while I'm organizing! Leave a comment here or email me at and I'll figure out a way to link us all together. :)

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  1. yay good for you! I'm so happy I have someone to go along with! I'm working on my week #2 right now and its a doozy!