Saturday, 25 June 2011

Old Navy's Tank Top Pre-Sale

Yesterday was the big $2.00 Tank Top presale at Old Navy!

After the little guy I babysit left, my son and I hopped in the van and drove 1 hour to the nearest store so I could stock up on some tanks.

I was a bit disappointed, because when I asked the girl on cash which tanks were included in the sale, she pointed to two tables, with only black and white on them. I questioned her about that and she informed me that they had put the rest of them away because they were "selling too fast" and they wanted to make sure they had enough to last the weekend sale. She told me that they were only offering the black and white for the presale.

Well, needless to say, that didn't go over well for me. I had just drove an hour to get a jump on a sale with a coupon directly from the company? No way. So, I asked to speak to the manager. There was no way they were sticking me with no selection on a company sponsored sale. My money is just as good as the people who were going to be shopping the next day.

I never did have a chance to talk with the manager, but she did send another girl out who took me to the back of the store. She asked me what colours I liked and then brought out 9 tanks for me to see. I took them all, plus one black.

I was very disappointed that I didn't get a chance to browse the colours, but since they weren't going to budge on that and let me see what was actually available, the only choice I had was the selection she chose or just black and white.

I did email their head office this morning, so we'll see what they have to say, if anything.

In the end, I got my tanks, which is great. I have a stack of new tanks for only $20. This will get me through a few years of not having to buy summer tops. That is fantastic!! I just wish I had been able to enjoy the experience a bit more. :(

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