Saturday, 2 July 2011

Canadian Tire Scratch Card Promo Starts Today!

I'm off today to Canadian Tire to take advantage of their scratch card promotion!!

July 2 & 3, Canadian Tire is having an "Everyone is a winner" scratch card event. Each card will have either a $5.00 of your purchase, $3.00 Tim Hortons Card or a $5000 Canadian Tire gift card.

Last time they had this event, my flyers didn't get delivered, and by the time I could get out to find some, the promotion was over (partly my fault, since I didn't realize it was only a two day event.) So, when I found out this was coming, I made sure I was well prepared.

I now have 12 scratch cards to take in with me this morning. I had my daughter look through the back of the scratch area with an LED flashlight. So far as we can tell, I have $18 worth of Timmies cards, the rest of them, we can't tell for sure.

I'll likely call ahead to see what the best way to do this will be. I want to make sure I make this as easy on them and on me as I can. But, regardless, I'm redeeming all of them. It's just a matter of how they want me to do it.

I'm so excited!!!! I'll post photo's later of what I'm able to do/get.


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