Friday, 29 July 2011

A Few Photo's For You.

As I mentioned in my last post, on Tuesday my daughter, my mother and I all went to Upper Canada Village. It was a wonderful day at a place the my family really loves to visit. You are able to walk around a 60 acre site filled with houses, businesses and farms depicted as they would have been in the 1860's in Canada. There are people in costume that speak to you in character to complete the feel of stepping back in time.

And of course we took lots of pictures! I'm only going to share a few with you, otherwise my blog would never open if I shared all the one's we took! LOL!

This is the grain mill. They grow, harvest and then mill all their own grain for bread that is made and sold right on site. 

 Also from the grain mill. These two boys are there on a summer camp. I couldn't resist snapping a photo, they looked so bored! LOL

 The grain is then sent to the bakery where it is made into dough, then into fresh loaves of bread. This amount of dough will make a small batch, approximately 50 loaves.

 I loved the way the people who work here act like they would in the 1860's. This bike is amazing!

A closer photo of the bike

The gardens were incredible. This was the largest one there, by the home of a prosperous farmer. 

It was so big, I had to take two shots to get the whole thing in. I photoshopped them together so you could see how big it really was. You'll have to click on this photo to get the full effect.

One of my favourite parts of the day was a show that was put on by three members of the staff, called the Travelling Tiltons.

 This is the advertisement that was made for the Travelling Tiltons, right on premises in the printing press.

 The Travelling Tiltons, singing a song.

 My daughter loved this guy. I loved his facial expressions.

Here are a few random shots that we took, that I just love. 

 A gravestone beside the church, with a hand pointing to heaven. 

A really interesting looking hatrack.

 A groundhog that came out to say hi. 

 A barrel of flour.

 A 150 year old bible.

 A stool in the restaurant.

 Storm clouds from a wicked thunderstorm that moved through and drenched us all.

And finally (thank goodness, right? LOL!) a couple of the quilts that I loved. 

 This was a little girls bedroom in the (I think) pastors house

This quilt was being made by a couple of ladies that you can't see in the photo. Each block represents one of the 50 quilts that can be found in the different houses.

I hope you enjoyed (and weren't too overwhelmed by) the photo's of our day. I tried to choose just a few that represented out day well. It was a fantastic day and I'm happy I have a chance to share them with you. :) 


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos! I absolutely love those kind of things, a way to take a trip to the past.

    Debbie - new follower

  2. wow! This place looks very interesting. Where abouts is it. I am also visiting you from the SC Blog Hop

  3. Hi Deaon! :)

    Just here stopping by ur blog! I LOOOVED the pics! I like antiques.. they are just cool! ;)

    Thanks for sharing he pics!

  4. sorry Deon :/ for misspelling your name.. my Computer is acting funny and slow.

  5. I'm so glad you all liked the photo's!

    kimzcoupons, it's located near Ottawa, Ontario.

    Angie, no problem! It actually happens to me a lot! LOL!