Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Getting The Itch

Last year I picked up a new hobby, quilting.

It didn't last long, only until the days started getting shorter and night came quicker. I didn't want to be stuck in my sewing room while the rest of the family was spending time together, so it went by the wayside and I started crocheting again.

But, now that the weather is nice again, the days are longer and it's still light out at 9pm, I'm starting to really get the urge to quilt.

I have two projects on the go right now, only one of the am I thinking about finishing up right now. I started by cutting up fabric that I had on hand into 2 inch strips, sewing them togther and cutting them again. Sew those pieces together and voila, you have a gorgeous little square.

I have 4 done and I'll need probably 16 or 20, depending on how big I decide to make the quilt. It doesn't take too long to finish each square so if I actually work at it, I should have it done (not quilted, just assembled) by the end of the summer.

I also need to start working on Christmas gifts. I want to hand make as many as I can, so I need to get started now, rather than waiting until it's too late.

I have a set of scarves I want to crochet for my mom. Plus I wanted to make a quilt for each of the kids using my dad's old dress shirts. I'm not sure that they will be done in time for Christmas even if I start now, but it's something I've been thinking about. There is also a wall hanging I want to make for the inlaws for their cottage. But, I'll have to see how much I'm actually able to accomplish. Time goes by so fast anymore!!

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