Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Planning and This Week's Project

I know a lot of people out there would disagree with me, but I happen to love Monday's. This is a day filled with possibilities. A day where an entire week lays ahead, a chance to start over again if needed. :)

Today is the day I plan out my week, decide what I'm going to do around the house, what chores I'm going to tackle, what the family is going to eat and so on. I always wake up on Monday's with a little bounce in my step, knowing that today is the first day of brand new week.

I know, I'm a bit odd, but there you have it. :)

Here is my frugal menu plan for the week:

Monday - Sausage Bake
Tuesday - Whole Chicken
Wednesday -Pork Chops in Soup
Thursday - Roast Pork
Friday - Scalloped Potatoes
Saturday - Hamburger Helper

Normally, I do my grocery shopping on Monday's, but since the nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away and I was in town yesterday anyway, I went one day early. No Frills this week, has pork loin roasts on for $1.47/lb. I was able to pick up 2 roasts, for a total of $19.04. I brough them home, cut them into dinner size portions. I got 14 dinners out of two roasts!!

That means for the next 2-3 months, we'll have pork for stir fry's and stews for only $1.36 per meal!! I love it when they have these sales. If I can, when payday rolls around again on Thursday I may pop in to pick up a couple more roasts. I'm not sure though, because I don't want to waste the money by having them sit in the freezer too long.

And finally, continuing on with the 52 Weeks of Organizing, this week I'm tackling the top of the piano.

This area has not been dealt with since we moved. We piled boxes on top of the piano during the moving process, but then after unpacking them, we just piled the things we didn't know what to do with there. And since then, more has been added to it. As you can see, there is even garbage up there!

Ultimately, I want to have the top completely cleared off, and put flowers, either real or not, there. A nice, elegant look is my goal. But, I'm not going to promise that at all. If I can get it cleared off and clean, I will be happy.

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