Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Veggie Garden - aka Free Food!

As promised yesterday, here are some photo's of my vegetable garden this year.

This is my first attempt at gardening, so it's still a learning process, but I am very, very proud of what we have so far. Every time I walk outside and see it, all I can think is "free food!"

Because of where it's located, it isn't possible to get one photo of everything (it's fenced in) so I had to break it all up into sections.

So, without further ado (or rambling by yours truly. LOL!) here are the photo's.

 These are my beans. It's taken from the front, so it's a bit tough to see, but there are a lot of plants here. We had a bit of an earwig problem early in the growing season, so some of the plants were eaten, but there are about 30 plants left. More than enough to stock my freezer. :)

This is my section of peas. We planted 5 rows here, which are strictly for freezing. Again, some of the seeds didn't sprout, but there are still approximately 100 plants. They will freeze and feed my family all winter long! There is also a row of  50 onions that is just starting to grow. I'm leaving them in the ground until fall to let them grow to full size for freezing.

This one is a bit hard to see, but there are three rows of peas in the back, a row of onions,  7 pepper plants and a few tomato plants. This is hubby's section. It's not doing as well as the rest, unfortunately. He planted the peas too close together, so they are strangling each other out. The onions are getting crushed by the peas (although they are growing acceptably well) and the peppers are a bit stunted. The tomatoes are doing fairly well where they are planted in the dirt. However, hubby had a "brilliant" idea to plant the seedlings in the grass to cut down on weeding. I told him it wouldn't work, but he wouldn't listen. The grass is taking all the nutrients and the water, so the tomatoes are stunted and not growing well at all. They do have some tomatoes on them, so they're not a complete loss, but the yeild from these will be nowhere near what my plants will have.

This is my pumpkin plant. I am very excited about this one. There are no less than 15 flowers right now, which you unfortunately can't see, plus 10 that have already bloomed, died off and are now growing pumpkins. I plan on taking the insides out of all the pumpkins to make bread and muffin mix to put in the freezer.

My tomatoes. :) There are about 21 plants, all full and practically bursting out of their cages. They are full of blooms and growing tomatoes. I will be freezing, stewing and making chili sauce. I won't have to purchase any sauces, hopefully until harvest next year.

This is another view of my tomato plants, as well as my zucchini. There are 10 zucchini plants that are all either flowering or have already flowered and are now growing. What we don't eat fresh from the garden will all be made into zucchini bread mix and frozen. Yummy!!

So, this is my garden, in all it's glory.

One thing I should mention, every single plant you see was all started from seed, by me, so the cost was negligable.

So much free food, it makes me giddy just thinking about it!

Next year I plan on adding carrots and potatoes. As you can see from the photo's hubby didn't till the entire area, so the planting was a bit piecemeal. But, next year, I'll be able to have nice neat rows and even more free food!!


  1. Wow, your garden looks great! I just harvested a bunch of broccoli the other day..a lot of my plants were eaten though this year by birds, groundhogs, and squirrels. Found your blog through the blog hop, following now!

  2. This is amazing! I want to have a garden one day. I have a few herb plants and a strawberry plant on my back porch and have enjoyed it so much this summer. LOVE your blog and following you from the hop. Have a great Wednesday.

  3. Looks good! We're having serious weed issues with our garden, lol! Hey, I've given you the Butterfly Award!

  4. YES!! I love it! We don't have a yard, but we have a balcony with tiny potted herbs. I can't wait to have a veggie garden one day! I DID just plant the seeds of my spaghetti squash the other day in a larger pot, so we'll see!


  5. Serious garden envy here! New follower from the I ♥ Blogging Wednesday Hop! I would ♥ for you to stop by to say hi & return follow!

  6. Wow! You have an excellent garden going! We plan on doing a bigger one next year than we did this year because we ended up using more than we thought we would!! :o) Do you can your vegetables?