Monday, 11 July 2011

Organizing Week 3 - The Bookshelf

Things are finally going to be coming together this week into some sort of routine. Hubby has been on holidays since the last week of June, the kids are off school and with hubby being home, I haven't had my little guy that I babysit. But this week, everything, other than the kids going back to school, will be back to normal. I can't wait!

It's a good thing we won't be doing as much running around this week, too. My organizing job is huge! It's one that I've been putting off since the day we moved in. I know, I think I've said that before, but it's really true. I put this bookshelf up in the den and then everything got piled in it and in front of it. I've been dreading this job!

Just looking at the photo makes me tired! LOL!

I'm just going to take it one shelf at a time. There are years worth of family photo's that need to be organized in this week's job as well, so that is one that will take all week. The boxes at the bottom won't be too difficult, they are all items for charity. One trip and they are taken care of, thank goodness.

I decided, since I was in town yesterday to do the grocery shopping. I'm very thankful that is done. 

I'm so proud of myself, though. I went with my basic list of items that are always needed: butter, bread, eggs, etc. My total list, for the first time since I took over the shopping and have been really watching the sales was only $50 for an entire week!! That is because I've been shopping the meat sales and clearance sections. I have meals scheduled into October right now thanks to this new way of shopping for meat! I was able to find three more flats of stewing beef for $3.00 each and some pork chops on clearance. More meals on the calander for very little cost. Yay!!

Here is what our menu looks like for this week:

Monday: hamburger helper (using free hamburger thanks to the coupon on hamburger helper last month)
Tuesday: fish
Wednesday: scalloped potatoes
Thursday: sausage bake
Friday: pork stir fry
Saturday: inside out ravioli's

I didn't have to purchase any ingredients for this weeks menu. Isn't that fantastic?? I have everything (and more) on hand all the time. 

I did splurge just a little bit on myself, though. I found this adorable little lunch box that I am going to use for my coupons from now on. It will be much nicer to carry around with me, than my big binder. 

I absolutely adore it and it was only $2.00! 

I'm off for a silly heart test today. Wish me luck. :)


  1. Good luck with that organizing! Your coupon box is too it.

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