Saturday, 2 July 2011

Successful Shopping Trip!

Wow, was that fun!

I went to Canadian Tire this morning with my 11 scratch cards. My plan was to grab things that I needed, at the lowest price possible. So, I scanned the flyer and the aisles to search out the best prices.

I found fabric softener, paper towels and Glade room freshener spray. Here is the breakdown of cost for you, in case you're interested. :)

Fabric softener - $2.77 for 100 loads = $.03 per load with taxes
Paper Towel - $1.77 for 8 rolls = $.25 per roll with taxes
Glade Room Freshener spray - $1.00 per can

I had to do each card as a seperate transaction to use the cards, which meant I held up the self checkout for a while, but in the end, I walked out of there with 6 packs of paper towel, 3 bottles of fabric softener, 3 cans of Glade and some Mr. Bubble for my son, all for a grand total of $11.92.

The best part? My scratch cards gave me 11 $3.00 Tim Hortons cards!! I'm so happy, that's $33.00 worth of FREE Tim Hortons coffee. Yum!!

I wonder if I can find more scratch cards before the sale ends tomorrow? Hmmm....... :)

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