Sunday, 31 July 2011

You're Kidding, Right?

It can't be true, it just can't!

After such a busy two to three weeks, after getting up super early every day and either being on the road going somewhere, or taking care of an 18 month old, after not getting any sleep or any time to actually do what I want, you're not telling me that I actually have a day to relax?

It can't be!

But it is.

I'm so happy!! I don't have anywhere I need to go, anyone I need to watch, or anything I need to do today. I can't believe it! I haven't had a chance to do anything I want for weeks. Literally weeks!

The possibilities open to me today are endless! There are so many things I want to do, I can't decide which one to do first.

I have an afghan I'm crocheting that I would like to work on (I'm thinking that I'll do this while watching Big Brother tonight)

I have a pattern for a coupon organizer (and the fabric too!) that I want to make. If it works as nicely as I think it will, I plan on making more to sell locally.

I have a quilt I want to work on.

My garden needs to be weeded.

I want to do some more work on my blog.

I want to watch movies and play board games with the kids.

What do I do? How can I fit all of that into one day? Help!

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