Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Yummy Mail Day!

I had an absolutely delicious mail delivery day yesterday!

First, there was my fabric of the month mailing from Clotilde.

I signed up for this for two reasons. 1. I need/want to build my stash of fabrics and patterns and 2. Well, there really isn't a #2. I just really, really wanted to do it! LOL!

The mailing came with the pattern (beginner too, which is great) as well as all the gorgeous fabric to complete it. I'm going to be cutting the pieces probably today and put them in a bag. That way, when I'm ready, everything will be done and all I'll need to do is start sewing.

And second, (this is the one I'm really, really excited about!) was the delivery of a quilt kit, again from Clotilde.

Again, this came with the pattern as well as all the fabric to make the quilt. This was a clearance item, which I am going to make for my hubby's mom and dad. I'm planning on having a handmade, quilted Christmas for just about everyone on my list, to be perfectly honest. I know, I've just started and I'm not really that good at it yet, however, we're broke. Literally, broke. LOL! This was half the price of what we usually spend on their present and it's nicer than what we usually get them. So, this way, we're saving money and getting them something they'll really like.

I'm going to start cutting the piece for this one, probably today as well.

I have a few projects right now that I'm working on. I tend to bore easily, so it's good for me to have a few things that I can just pull out and putter away at for a while. Along with these two, I have the quilt top that I showed you the other day that just needs backing, quilting and binding (I'll post photo's of the completed quilt top, if the sun ever decides to shine here again!) the coupon organizer that I started, a bag/purse for my daughter and two quilts that I'm making, both the same pattern, one for my son and one for my daughter.

I'm really excited about these. I can't wait to start cutting!


  1. Wow!! Great mail day!! yesterday my mailbox was empty. For the first time in over three months I received nothing! Oh well at least there were no bills

  2. That is always a good thing, when there are no bills. :)

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