Saturday, 10 May 2014

You Know What They Say About Plans, Right?

Don't you just love the first of the week?

It's like a brand new start every 7 days, don't you think? A whole week filled with possibilities, opportunities, and expectations of great things. Monday comes around and we sit down at our computers and we plan out 7 days of odd jobs, things we've procrastinated on, errands to run and more.

And then life takes a look at that list you so diligently printed out and laughs it's freaking head off.

You've had weeks like that, right? Tell me I'm not alone?

I'll say, the week started out so well. Monday and Tuesday were amazing. I was put together, I was organized and my schedule was working out beautifully!

I should have known it was too good to last.

The good part of it all is that what derailed all my plans is actually a great thing career wise.

In a nutshell, I work from home, training the people you all talk to on the phones when you call into a call centre. So, the person you are speaking to, working out a schedule to have your furnace or water heater repaired, or to change the plan on your cell phone? Well, in the company I'm contracted with, I'm the one who listens to their calls and tells them what they need to do better. That's the short story.

This week, I received a message from my Supervisor asking me to lead a refresher course. That means that I will be teaching, in front of the client, to over 140 agents.

That may not sound like much to you, but I have to tell you, it's huge. Huge.

It's an opportunity that I've been waiting for, for about 2 years now. And it's finally happened.

That does mean that all my very carefully laid out plans have to take a backseat once again. Sigh...

So, good news really. Very good news. Just another wrench in the plans that I need to work around. I guess that's my normal life now. :)

I'm going to be staring to post some frugal but delicious recipes and meal ideas. Soon. I promise.

Tonight we are having Chicken Wraps and Caesar Salad. Easy peasy dinner. It's just breaded, precooked chicken fingers, wraps, ranch dressing, lettuce, cheese and diced tomatoes, served with a Caesar salad. It's inexpensive, healthy and quick and easy. :)

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