Saturday, 14 January 2012


Oh my goodness, the cuteness meter in our house just went through the roof!

Last July, a bedgraggled, dirty, underfed female cat showed up on our doorstep. I started feeding her, and planned on fattening her up and finding her a new home. Well, before I could do that, I discovered that she wasn't just dirty and underfed, she was also pregnant. So I brought her in so the babies would be safe and we could find them good homes. You can see photo's of the kittens here.

My plan was, find homes for all the babies and for Mama cat (aka Lucy). We had no problem rehoming the babies, except one, who we decided to keep. Lucy, however was a different story. So, I figured, I'll get her spayed, then find her a home.

Unfortunately, before I could get her in for her spay, she got out.

Three days later, she came home and guess what? You got it, she was pregnant again.

So, I bet you can guess what I'm about to show you, right?


She gave birth this morning to 6 adorable little babies. Are you ready to squee?

This is Grey Kitten. Good name, right? LOL!

Joe Bob (named by my son)

For now, I'm calling this one Porky because before he was completely dry, he looked like a porcupine. :)

This is my personal favourite, Stanley

This is tortie #1

and tortie #2

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?? They all have such unique markings now, I can't wait to see what they look like as they grow. Everyone is already so much in love with all of them, I can forsee some tears when they find new homes (myself included!). But that is still at least 2 months away, so I'm going to love them and enjoy them while I can.

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